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Mo Sherring opened the very first Training Centre for Pilates on the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man-based Mo Sherring has been teaching Pilates for more than 25 years. She first trained as a fitness instructor in 1984 at the Fitness Centre, Covent Garden, London, and then went on to train as a Pilates instructor and was lucky enough to do all her training under Master Trainer Michael King, Founder of the Pilates Institute. She is a fourth generation member of the ‘Pilates family’.

A Member of Register of Exercise Professionals (R.E.P), Mo is certified on Universal Reformer and all Pilates equipment, and qualified to teach:

  • Remedial Pilates
  • Pilates in the Pool
  • Pilates for Equestrians
  • Flex and Flow (Tracey Mallett)

Mo is a Pilates licensee for Isle of Man and the Canary Islands, and holds a Certificate in Dynamic Stability training and Masai Walking. She is a Reiki Master, is certified in Gary Carter’s Yoga Pilates and Anatomy course and received Yoga training from Geoff Powell.

    Mo, who established the Pilates Studio in the Isle of Man, has been an instructor with Riding for the Disabled since the 1970s, becoming RDAAI certified in 1994 and receiving a certificate recognising 25 years of service from Princess Anne, The Princess Royal and President of RDA.

    She regularly attends classes, workshops and conference, and has studied the Feldenkrais Method, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Massage, Muscle Energy Technique, the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi. Visitors to the Isle of Man Pilates Studio can benefit from all this hard-earned training.

    Mo has also completed development days at the Pilates Institute and was invited to attend the unique Pilates Training Reunion 2011.

    She believes one of the most important aspects of Pilates, and indeed any exercise, is to choose your teacher wisely. You should ask where and with whom did they train, how long have they been teaching, what other experience they have connected with human/animal movement, and whether they have experience and extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology (the study of the body in motion).

    She explains: “Being a Pilates instructor is not just about knowing the exercise, its also about knowing how the body works so that the exercises are applied correctly and safely. The instructor should have a deep understanding of the exercises and how to apply them to your body and know when you are ready to move on to the next level. 

    “The instructor should be able to demonstrate physically what is being explained to you and make it physically and verbally clear otherwise you will not be able to connect your mind to your muscles.”

    An instructor should be able to tell you if you have:

    • Muscle imbalance
    • Incorrect Posture
    • Correct or incorrect movement patterns
    • Proper alignment

    They should be able to identify your weakness and strengths, what your method of learning is – visual,auditory or imagery – and care about you, your goals and results.

    Mo adds: “This information enables you to apply what you are learning to your everyday life. You need to know what is going on in the mind and body – which will only come with honest feed back. If movements do not feel good or anything causes pain you must tell the instructor. There needs to be a trusting relationship with your instructor, which is something we strive for at the Isle of Man Pilates Studio.

    “Since it has become so popular Pilates is moving too far away from its roots – there are many inexperienced poorly trained instructors without any depth of knowledge of it higher principles or aims. The positive effects of Pilates, is in its principals as well as the exercise and equipment.”

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      Mo Sherring

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      Please feel free to contact me for any help or advice, I am always glad to help where I can.

      “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

      Joseph Pilates